Fitting in. 12/09/2009
Lately I've been questioning a few things and wondering when the things happening in my life will just ... click. I've been thinking about how I fit into other people's lives and what my purpose here in Austin is. I know we all think about what our "purpose" here on earth should or could be -- this isn't unusual. 

It stresses me. I can't ask for everything to fall into place and I know this is going to take time. But I'm glad to admit that I'm patient enough. 

You know those times when analyze your group of friends and family? When you look at someone and just admire them for being special and actually taking some time out to care about you? And then you look at someone else and realize, maybe they don't really care. Perhaps they are there just for the comfort. 

And then you have that one person that you can't figure out. I'm trying to figure out how he fits in. Is he the puzzle piece that I've been searching for?


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