Tis Turkey Time 11/25/2009
Getting ready for a feast tomorrow! Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday because, well, I really enjoy eating. We're heading over to the cousins' household and piggin' out there. I'm making a chicken pesto pasta and some chocolate covered pretzels (with almonds because I'm nutty). Maybe I'll post some pics later. 

I've been itchin' to go somewhere. My plans to move to Aussie land fell through. I've got a new job now --- Workin' for The Search Engine Guys! It's fun and I really do enjoy everyone there. So far so good. 

But, I've still got my heart set on Aussie land next!

Speaking of Aussies, I like to watch this girl named Natalie Tran. Maybe I'm just obsessed with Australians but she's got a fun video blog on YouTube. 



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