More Dreams. 11/04/2009
Ok, so to add on to my alien dreams, I have dreams about monsters. Crazy creatures from out of no where! 

Last night I had sleep paralysis -- probably my third time to experience this and it still freaks me out. In my dream, I know I was having sleep paralysis too. It's so real, your body feels everything. In my dream, I woke up to write about my dream even! I had gotten out of bed, grabbed a piece of paper, and wrote down symbols and words so that I would remember what the dream was about. Well, apparently that didn't happen because I was still dreaming! (I apologize for overusing the word "dream") 

There was a monster, a creepy guy with orange bob on his head. He was definitely balding since I could see parts of his scalp. And a little girl with two buns on the top of her head -- she was jumping on my bed and laughing. Then she jumped out of my window. After that a guy with a Scream mask on comes in and starts punching my face, but every time he punched me, his hand turned into vapor, so I never got hurt. 

My body was stiff. I tried to pull out my arms from underneath my hugging pillow, but it was stuck. Not like a hugging pillow is heavy or anything, but my arm just didn't work! My chest and back couldn't move. My legs are actually sore from being so tense last night. But one thing that creeps me out -- I can always move my left arm. It takes some effort, but I can move my left arm. This time, I used my left arm to grab my phone to call for help. Of course, the phone didn't work and I was on my bed alone with monsters! 

The first time I had sleep paralysis, I was getting attacked by a squirrel. Embarrassing, yes. I've had a squirrel bite me before, so that explains the nightmare!