Quick Question. 02/26/2009

My friend Trevor asked me this while we were swiping people's credit cards at work today:

If you had an expiration date, what would it be?

I would be 00/01. 

Valentines Day 02/15/2009

Also known as "Single Awareness Day" or "Hallmark Day" or "Valentines (TM) Day" .....
Ah... pessimists. 

I didn't have a Valentine this year. I've never had a boyfriend during this holiday, but I have had great boy friends that have spent it with me. This year I spent it with Mark and Quang and we played with the Wii the whole night. It was fun and I really enjoyed being with my friends last night. 

I guess one day, one special day, I'll have a real Valentine all to myself. But meanwhile, I'll take advantage of the day to hang out with singles that love me just as much as I love them. 


Especially now, since (we allll knoooow) the economy is bad. Do you know how many times I've heard that? "Oh, I would hate to be in your shoes right now. The economy is bad and it will be hard to find a job....GOOD LUCK!" 

Yes.... I know, but there is still a little hope left in me that I'll find something I love. I did interview with this marketing company, but they ended up (I think) being a pyramid scheme. I got the offer, took it, then denied them the next morning after a long night of evaluation. Something just wasn't right. I had to go with my intuition and say No, Thanks. I was taking the job because I wanted a job, not because I believed in the job itself. Meaning, there was no passion or drive in the position I was about to work for! I didn't believe in the product, or even worse, the company itself. I did some research and found out that companies like this one, with such a high turnover rate, are big scams. I'm not sure if this one in particular was a "scam," but I went ahead and trusted myself for once. Something like this-- a company that is so unethical, abuses their workers and lies to their future employees--makes you feel like you've been duped, taken advantage of. It makes me feel like all other companies are out there to get you too, especially since there are so many recent graduates that are willing to take anything that they can call a JOB. 

It's discouraging, but at least now I'm more aware.  

And it's one more week until Valentine's day. 

"I gave you my heart on a silver platter
No strings attached; no contract to sign.
Just your absolute love in return
In exchange for mine."

                                            --Cody Jensen

Superbowl 2009 02/01/2009

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals

I'm going for the Steelers. Why? Because they were my team for NFL math in 4th grade. I wrote a letter to Yancy Thigpen and he responded. 

It was very very very exciting.