Hmmmm? 01/24/2009

I'm not sure how I feel about this. 


I couldn't help but feel excited today. I think John Erik brought it out in me because he was full of love this morning. 

I watched the inauguration while I was at work. It was a joyous moment, really. And I was so excited for America. Barack Obama is more than just a president. He is the outcome of all of America's hardships.  He is symbolic of the future... of the change and hope that Americans strive for. 

Good Luck, Obama. 
And Good Luck, America. 

History. 01/18/2009

I can't wait to watch Obama's inauguration on January 20th.


World Town 01/13/2009

My friend Eugene Yang is a very talented film major from USC. His current project is this M.I.A. music video to her song "World Town." 
This video represents all of the world atrocities -- war, religion, hate, politics, economy, family, media and so on. 

A few of us friends from Pflugerville got together to help Eugene spread a message:

What are we all fighting for?

The concept is brilliant and I'm so proud of Eugene for putting all of this together so beautifully! 

Oh... and if you can't figure out what is going on -- the characters have imaginary weapons and are all killing each other for specific apples that represent... well you figure it out :) 


Yesterday marked the first day of my grapefruit diet. 

Today I am tired of grapefruit, but I will continue the diet to see if it actually works. 

The things I do baffle my mind. 

Favs. 01/05/2009

I saw this commercial in my Creative Advertising class. It's for the Peruvian Cancer Foundation. 

I cried when I saw it. 



Oh those nasty mass e-mails about switching notes and what assignments are due when. Bah! I definitely do not miss being subscribed to a roster of 400 students per class. 

Though... every now and then you get little treasures in your inbox, like this one:

From: *****
To: *****
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 00:33:34 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: [spring_03415_LEB_320F] Notes
Hey everyone!

I know everyone hates e-mails like this, but I just have to ask.

I came down with a rare flesh eating virus over Christmas break, but didn't realize until the start of the semester.  Due to the decaying blobs of skin falling off of my body, I had to miss almost the entire semester of class.  Also, my great aunt died.

If anyone can send me the entire semesters worth of notes, preferably digested into a short but thorough outline (its hard to read, since I caught glaucoma as well) with bulleted points a some fancy clip art, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!



That last minute almost made me crap my pants! My horns are absolutely amazing. 

I'm overfilled with joy right now. My neck is still tense and my mind is spastic! 

Good job longhorns! Hook em! 


Sometimes I impress myself. 

Wish Paddy and Peter were in Austin for the reunion! 

Important words. 01/03/2009

"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people." 
--Theodore Roosevelt